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Creating Freely is a fashion & art photo book and magazine that highlights emerging creatives in the industry as well as inspirational fashion photography.

Our mission at Creating Freely

  • To uplift artists
  • Display artists work beautifully
  • Help artists gain more recognition by reaching a larger audience

Each issue includes stunning editorials, curated with a fun theme. To show appreciation to our contributors, we offer exclusive spots in our affiliate program, where each member

earns a 40% commission rate for every sale they bring in.

We also foster a community of artists on our instagram, and consistently showcase their talents through daily “story posts” and features.

Our carefully curated gallery displays each art piece in the best light possible, improving the viewer's experience and increasing the appreciation for each artist.

We’re forming a space where the artist is always put first

because we believe in giving creatives the credit and exposure they deserve.

Artists can utilize our website to collaborate and grow their creative network by browsing through our collection of creatives and filtering them down by location and art type.

Similarly, our instagram offers viewers a gallery of high quality fashion photography AND the ability to sift through daily lineups of emerging creatives, located throughout our “highlight” section. We’re constantly reimagining ways to provide more exposure for the creatives in our community.

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Key features

  • High-end fashion and art magazine
  • Free access to a global list of creatives in the fashion industry
  • Community support + engagement through our website and Instagram blog
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Our editions

Our photo books and magazines are grouped into yearly volumes and spontaneously released editions. Each edition is curated according to a theme, ranging from different colors, concepts, or art forms (ex: Ruby Edition, Rainbow Edition, Floral Edition, Illustration Edition).

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Back Story

Founded in November of 2020, Creating Freely started out as an Instagram blog that was made to promote the work of artists in the fashion industry, as well as the work of our Creative Director, Katherine Berg. After submitting a few of her own photos to magazines, she began noticing that companies were charging contributors a fee and only accepting “exclusive” submissions.

She was disappointed by the regular usage of these tactics throughout the industry and saw an opportunity

to create an honest platform where artists were given more acknowledgement.

After realizing that many artists were also facing the same struggles with magazines and gaining recognition, she decided to start her own magazine and produce a product that valued creators over everything.

What began as a makeshift blog is now a thoughtfully curated instagram gallery and magazine, driven by its community of creatives.

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Katherine Berg

Founder, Curator and Creative Director
Email | creatingfreely.kb@gmail.com
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Katherine Berg is a creative director based in Southern California with a background in all-things art.

She’s passionate about living life on her own terms and maximizing her potential any way she can.

Creating Freely is her life mantra, as she aims to indulge in whatever artistic hobby peaks her interest. She’s originally from Northern California and started her career after graduating college at San Francisco State University with a degree in psychology and a minor in visual communications.

Knowing the corporate ladder wasn't the route she wanted to take, she began paving her own path to success. She has now built up a company that inspires and motivates people to be the best creatives they can be.

Ashley Berg

Executive Assistant

Email | contact@creatingfreelymag.com

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Ashley Berg is the right hand woman for the Creating Freely team. She shares the same carefree attitude as her sister and business partner, Katherine. Her passions derive from a deep calling to help others, as

her main goal is to aid people in reaching goals they never imagined possible.

Her interests consist of: living her best life, caring for her pup, Luna, and staying mentally and physically healthy through nutrition, spirituality, yoga, and self-love!

Ashley is a stroke and lupus survivor with a level of resilience strong enough to move mountains. Seeing the Creating Freely community truly thrive is a direct result of the patience and care Ashley has instilled into both herself and Katherine.

Our designers

website | gorazdo.studio

Our website was beautifully designed by Gorazdo Studio, a global content, data, and media team. They focus on branding, UI and UX design, and development for web and mobile applications.

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