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Alvin Mwaniki
Alvin Mwaniki


Nairobi, Kenya

Alvin Mwaniki | Concept and Fashion Photographer

Alvin Mwaniki is a passionate concept and fashion photographer on a mission to transform and unify the world through his camera lenses. From an early age, Mwaniki had always been interested in artistic expression. He was extensively interested in drawing as a kid until around 2018 when he picked up his first digital camera.


Mwaniki described to us his experience when he first decided to pursue photography, “I started my craft using a mobile phone back in 2017. About a year later, I started to borrow Nikon and Canon cameras from my friends that had them before I saved up enough to get my own. I remember taking photos of my sister and friends, especially at music events, and the excitement I felt looking forward to seeing what I could create from editing the RAW images I made. There were endless possibilities on what kind of art I thought I could make. Amidst encouraging words from my peers and parents, which helped me grow, I couldn’t seem to get enough. I was always looking forward to the next gig.”


As a creator, Alvin stresses the need for fellow creators to be consistent and patient with their craft. Also, he believes in the artistic innovation that could be born from promoting fairness and equity amongst humans from all backgrounds. In his own words, We could transform our world in a way never seen before.”

Mwaniki loves futuristic art, especially the Afrofuturism aesthetic that blends African diaspora culture with technology. He draws his artistic inspiration, boldness, and creativity from legendary photographers like Mutua Matheka, Osbourne Macharia, and Joshua Kissi. 

Today, Mwaniki still feels the passion of his early days and has further developed his craft in concept and fashion photography, a field in which he now directs creative photoshoots and enjoys working with other creatives.

Head to Alvin Mwaniki’s Instagram @barutti_ for splashes of vibrant colors and energies!

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Deji Lasisi

Deji is a poet and freelance writer passionate about innovative writing. He has completed hundreds of successful online projects involving diverse and obscure topics such as: sales copywriting, art, and cryptocurrencies. You can reach out to him via his email at | dejilasisi360@gmail.com

Deji Lasisi
Deji Lasisi

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Katherine Berg

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