Duwayne Mukamiti
Duwayne Mukamiti
Duwayne Mukamiti

Multidisciplinary Artists

Nairobi, Kenya

Duwayne Mukamiti | Model, Stylist and Artist

Duwayne Mukamiti is a model, stylist and artist who began his career in 2017 after realizing he had a love for fashion. He experienced a rocky start after receiving a lack of appreciation for his art, causing him to question himself often, to the point that he contemplated giving up. He was struggling to believe in himself and fell into the constant cycle of creating art, posting it on social media, then deleting it. But although he was faced with obstacles, he made the decision to persevere, reminding himself that this was his calling, and he was meant to win.


We asked Duwayne who his biggest inspirations have been since he started, and he gleefully answered,  “I’m so happy now that people are appreciating what I do. Most of my influences are from fashion houses like Gucci. I always tell myself, 'one day Alessandro Michele will notice you and you’ll model for Gucci'. I would also like to model for other brands like Balenciaga and Dior, which are my favorites as well!!! When I watch their shows, I love every look and get inspired to create something that embodies each designer.”

Duwayne’s best advice and motivation for fellow models is: “The modeling field is not easy, you’ll have to work hard to show the world who you really are. So keep pushing and never let anyone bring you down. I believe in you, you’ve got this!”

Find more of Duwayne Mukamiti’s art on his Instagram: @___dwaynekenzie!

Written By

Katherine Berg | @kurleykath

Katherine is an artist, vegan activist, and the founder and curator of Creating Freely Magazine. She’s passionate about living on her own terms and maximizing her potential!

Katherine Berg
Katherine Berg

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