Luis David Llomuri
Luis David Llomuri


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Luis David Llomuri | Stylist and Fashion Editor

Luis David Llomuri entered the world of fashion as an image designer, and is currently a stylist and fashion editor for Showcase Magazine in Torreón, Coahuila as well as Tendence Magazine in México City. His inspirations are tied to his passion for perfection in conjunction with the unusual, which is why strict attention to detail is the basis of his art form. He is motivated by experimentation, making mistakes, and constantly learning new things. Along with his trusted teams, Luis has been able to use these very elements to create magnificent editorials.


By following his own beliefs of continuously reinventing himself and contributing to the creative world, Luis will reach his goal of being at New York Fashion Week and giving the world something to talk about. When asked about the best advice he’s ever received, Luis told us, “Why be normal when you can just be fabulous"?

Explore more of Luis David Llomuri’s art on his Instagram @luisdavidllomuri .

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Katherine Berg | @kurleykath

Katherine is an artist, vegan activist, and the founder and curator of Creating Freely Magazine. She’s passionate about living on her own terms and maximizing her potential. 

Katherine Berg
Katherine Berg

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