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Parizhair | Hair and Wig Stylist

Parizhair is known for his exquisite wig styling for editorial fashion shoots and drag queen ensembles. He’s been in the industry for a decade, working in Parisian hair salons where he learned key developmental skills about customer service and haircare. After being introduced to the drag queen scene, he started testing out his wig styling skills on his close friends. But it wasn’t until a few years down the road that he finally left his job at the salon and decided to focus on his art. He’s been mastering wigs ever since, having recently celebrated a 5 year milestone. Pariz’s decision to follow his passion has brought him a surplus of opportunities, ranging from styling jobs on movie sets and fashion shoots, to preparing wigs for celebrities and top fashion brands.


His design process begins with a pencil sketch, allowing him to mix all of his ideas together and leave room for alterations during the styling phase of the project. He finds his inspiration for these creations through eye catching fashion, outer space, and most notably, milliners. 


Living by the mantraFake it til’ you make it!, Parizhair is determined to reach his full potential. His advice to fellow creatives is a reflection of his life experiences as an artist: “Being an artist in 2021 means that you not only have to create your art, but also create a full brand image to showcase your skills on social media. It's a lot of work, but you have to be patient. Personally, what motivates me to keep creating is having the chance to show my true self through my wigs. That's what keeps me alive.”

For more glitz and glam, make sure to explore Parizhair’s Instagram account: @parizhair!

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Katherine Berg | @kurleykath

Katherine is an artist, vegan activist, and the founder and curator of Creating Freely Magazine. She’s passionate about living on her own terms and maximizing her potential.

Katherine Berg
Katherine Berg

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