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Reinhardt Kenneth
Reinhardt Kenneth


Los Angeles, California, United States

Reinhardt Kenneth | Photographer

A whimsical aesthetic permeates the work of Reinhardt Kenneth, an LA based Indonesian fashion photographer. His Instagram oscillates between bright beautiful colors synergizing with bold textures, to effortlessly showcased elegance. The visual world of Reinhardt Kenneth emits a playful energy where truly anything can happen. 


Reinhardt has been a prodigy ever since he picked up a camera at the age of 14. Born to a fashion designer mother and a father who worked in textile retail, fashion is in his DNA. Discovered on Instagram by Vogue Italia’s late Franca Sozzani, Reinhardt describes his work in his teenage years as darker, grimier, noisier, and more surreal. He had aspirations to create fine art, but a sensibility that fashion was his true calling continued to fester in his mind. It was in this time period that his work was featured in the Louvre, as well as Art Basel Miami. He chronicled this era on his blog, where his early career highlights are interspersed with expressive essays and poetry. 

Although Reinhardt’s artistic work has undergone a visual evolution, at his core, he has been socially conscious from the very beginning. A blog post from 2012 shows Reinhardt speaking out loudly against bullying, and his activism at the start of the pandemic displayed his support for the #HATEISAVIRUS movement. 


When asked about his aspiration in life, he responded, *queues Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts: “To be happy’* All jokes aside - I really felt in the last month that mental health, inner peace, and self love is so tremendously important. I’m so incredibly lucky to have such a loving environment where I can find joy and healing through creating.”

Inspired by his mother, with whom Reinhardt claims an artistic synchronicity, he cites her hard work and perseverance as his biggest influence. His words of advice are emphatic denouncements of conformity, DON’T ever compromise your vision, your aesthetic, or your language for anyone’s opinion”.

Tour Reinhardt Kenneth’s Instagram @reinhardtkenneth to find more of his exuberant work, or stop by his website at: https://reinhardtkenneth.co/.

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Tristan Dominguez

Tristan is an innately curious autodidact with a focus on the humanities. Over two decades he’s written for a variety of passion projects, work characterized by diligent research and conscientious use of language. You can read some of his essays here: https://soundmind.substack.com/

Tristan Dominguez
Tristan Dominguez

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Katherine Berg

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